Saturday, May 22, 2010

All the Crafts are packed

All my crafts are packed I'm ready to leave, I'm standing here outside the door...

So all my craft stuff has been packed and moved to Franny's... on Monday I'll be there working on some boxes and doing a yard sale... I'll send pictures as soon as I find the camera!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Color and Design


Here is some super Freshman stuff :) I LOVED this class. We talked about colors and shapes and designs and it was just a great great class... Now that I'm going through a lot of my old stuff to downsize for our move I thought I'd scan these today and say good bye!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



So at one point in my life someone, don't remember who, got the idea that I liked Giraffes. Then I took a class in HS with my friend Amanda and made two crazy Giraffe projects. One is a teapot...Tail for a handle, Tongue for a spout and one of the spots it the lid... it's wacky but totally fun and me. The other is a beautiful box with a puzzle lid and four different giraffe pictures. I took pictures because I think it's time for me to let them go. We are moving to Hawaii and I can't justify shipping them. Bummer. If you know anyone that loves giraffes let me know!
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Friday, April 9, 2010



Spidey... so I've been trying to paint something for my friend Ben for a long time and I just couldn't get anything right... so the other week I started this and although it isn't finished it's starting to look and feel like what I pictured for him. He's a SUPER fan of spiderman. I thought I'd put this up to remind me to finish it along with all my other unfinished works.
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Hard Drive Ring bracelot


I worked on this bracelet more than any other project. At first there were three rings but I found since they wouldn't bend the would go around the wrist nicely, so then I tried two and finally settled on one... BUT I didn't like how plain the rings looked to I added a center bead... which didn't help... so I added the beads around it, which I think look sort of like a flower. In the end it's not my favorite BUT I think it looks nice :)

I guess I should mention that these are purple green and blue colored pearls, the camera couldn't pick up the details.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Pearl


So this is one of my favorites AND the only problem is it's REALLY REALLY hard to take a picture of something black. This is like the other 5 string necklace with the exception that it's only one string and the tie is a satin ribbon instead of velvet. It's super comfy to wear and it's great since it goes with just about everything! I also have a nice shot of the earrings, which once again soooooo hard to get a shot in and the pictures just don't so them justice at all!
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5 String Pearls


Ok, so my mom and my mom in law kept asking me if I've made anything for myself. Well, after watching Marie Antoinette I decided to actually make something for me. Unfortunately I don't have anything to wear with it... because if you've seen the movie well... I just don't have THOSE kind of dresses lying around BUT I do love this piece. It's a soft yellow, which looks like gold, oblong pearl with a white velvet tie in the back. As in the title it's 5 strings and when I've worn them to try them on I twist them and they sit BEAUTIFULLY. If you have pure beige skin these will look awesome! If anyone finds a dress/outfit to wear them with PLEASE let me know :)

Oh! And I made them more of a choker length, again if you see the movie you'll understand!
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